Fuddruckers American Kobe Burger

Submitted by Tech Support on Sunday, January 11th, 2015

We are always working to improve our service and our product and with that, we bring back the American Kobe Burger, but only for a limited time!  

Kobe FB2Who would have thought that we, here at Fuddruckers, would improve on our already grilled-to-order burgers featuring fresh and never frozen, 100% USDA premium-cut beef with no fillers or additives?  We did!  Fuddruckers strives to provide you with the best ingredients available, 100% all natural and 100% hormone free, ground beef.  We are always working to improve our service and our product and with that, we bring back the American Kobe Burger, but only for a limited time!  Tender, juicy and uniquely flavorful, the American Kobe Burger at Fuddruckers will hook you after just one bite.

What’s so special about this American Kobe Burger, you ask?  A lot!  The beef is ground Akashi (meaning “red cow”) and comes from a very special breed of Japanese cattle that produces tender, flavorful Kobe beef with naturally high concentrations of heart-healthy CLA and Oleic acids and is a naturally high source of monounsaturated fat.  Outside of Japan, the largest herd of these tasty cattle is owned by HeartBrand Beef and is grazing happily in our very own Harwood, Texas.  This ground beef may look like ordinary hamburger, but the intense, meaty flavor of Akashi Kobe Beef will convince you other wise.

Adorn your American Kobe Burger with free-market fresh vegetables and wrap it in a scratch baked bun for The World’s Greatest Hamburger experience. Fuddruckers lures you in with an affordable (only $9.99!), healthy, tender, juicy and American made “perfect” American Kobe Burger, and the upbeat, energetic, family-style atmosphere keeps you coming back for more.