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The History of Valentine’s Day

Submitted by Tech Support on Monday, February 9th, 2015

St. Valentine’s Day, more commonly known as Valentine’s Day, has a somewhat murky history. There are several theories, and one such theory involves a defiant roman priest who became Emperor Claudius II. He was an ambitious ruler and he needed a vast army of men to battle other armies and conquer his enemies. He forced the men in his army to abandon their young families for very long periods of time. They were half-hearted soldiers at best, because they were home sick for their families. In order to gain control of his army, the emperor banned marriages altogether!

There was a young priest, Father Valentine, who found out about the ban, and who began performing secret marriages. Of course, the emperor learned about the secret ceremonies and arrested Father Valentine and sentenced him to death. The young couples whom Father Valentine had married, visited him in jail and passed flowers and notes to him through the bars to show their gratitude. While in jail, Father Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailer. On the day of his execution – you guessed it, February 14th – he passed her a note and signed it, “from your Valentine.” Hence, the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th was begun.

Cupid, the little winged matchmaker, began as the Roman God of Love. For Christians, his image became that of a cherub, and to this day, many different baby-like images of cupid adorn millions of cards every February. Speaking of millions, did you know that 180 million red roses and almost 36 million heart-shaped boxes of candy are sold each year in preparation of Valentine’s Day?

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