Its Green Chile Season!

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The Green Chile is synonymous with New Mexico culture. The Hatch green chile peppers are a vital ingredient in Southwestern cuisine. It is served on top of hamburgers, in enchiladas, inside omelets, and anything else imaginable. During harvesting season, you can smell the smokey, sweet, peppery perfume of the green chile as it slowly roasts over a hot gas flame.

There are over 20,000 acres of chile harvested each year from the Hatch and Mesilla Valleys in New Mexico. Making it one of the staples in the New Mexican economy. The peppers reach its peak in late summer or early fall. Once ripened, the chile peppers are hand picked from the tall green bushes. They are then immediately transported to another location to be fire roasted. The chile is roasted until the skin blisters; the blistering causes the skin to separate from the chile, making the skin easy to remove. After this process, the chilies can be cooked then or packed away and frozen for another time.

Fudd 66 burgerThere are a handful of restaurants across New Mexico and Texas that have tried to lay claim to the invention of the famous Green Chile Cheeseburger. The Green Chile Cheeseburger has been popular menu item for the past several decades. This beloved cheeseburger can be found on menus from high end, 5-star restaurant menus all the way to fast food menu chains.

In 2014, Fuddruckers was named having the best Green Chile Cheeseburger at the New Mexico State Fair Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge. The award-winning burger, The Fudd 66, is grilled-to-order burger featuring fresh and never frozen, 100% USDA premium-cut beef with no fillers or additives patty, topped with freshly roasted green chilies with American cheese on Fuddruckers famous freshly baked bun.

Stop in today to try the Fudd 66 Burger!

Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge Award