Wedding Caterers- How to Choose the Best Wedding Caterer

Submitted by Tech Support on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

wedding caterers Albuquerque LubbckSpring is coming and what do we associate with Spring . . . . . weddings! Many brides and grooms are busy planning for their big day. There are so many details to finalize from flowers to honeymoon to wardrobe. One of the most important and costly considerations for the wedding, other than the dress, is choosing from all the wedding caterers. Let’s face it, the one thing the guests will be discussing is how well they were wined and dined. We can’t help it –we do not have the luxury of being more beautiful than the bride or more handsome than the groom, so we fixate on the catered dining experience.

The wedding party feels pressured to choose a menu that will please their guests. How do you find a caterer? Should it be buffet or sit-down dinner? What do we serve the kids? These are just a few of the questions going through the planner’s mind. The excess of information on the Web and in magazines about choosing a wedding caterer boggles the mind.

fuddslogo2When choosing a caterer and a menu, be creative, daring and thoughtful. Think about the overall personality of your family and friends. If you regularly eat steak and lobster at the country club, then that may guide your catering menu. However, if you are rather easy-going, enjoy a good barbecue with friends and family, and feel relaxed in a casual setting, you may be happier with a less formal setting and menu.


big-burgers-imagesOne catering trend that is always in style is fresh, baked-from-scratch, prepared “that day” food! Look to Fuddruckers for your wedding catering needs, from full-service buffets to plated table events, and prepare to be amazed. Your guests will rave about their favorite wedding that year and gush over our brightly colored, flavorful veggies, the high-quality, all-natural beef, chicken, turkey and pork. Mmmmm, with so many choices from their Chicken Fettuccine with fresh salad and garlic bread, to Fudd’s Ribeye Steaks with asparagus and our loaded mashed potatoes to a build your own gourmet burger bar with all the fixings like guacamole, green chile, bacon and grilled onions and mushrooms, perhaps with some exotics meats like bison, elk or venison- no wouldn’t that be a hit?! Fuddruckers also has an exceptional beef and chicken fajita bar served with their homemade chips and salsa and they even have a BBQ meal with “to-die-for” pulled pork, sausage and potato salad. Fuddruckers’ customizable catering menu will have you and your guests asking for seconds and thirds! Let’s not forget about Fuddruckers’ garden burger and gluten free bun options for your guests with special dietary needs. There’s something for every one with Fuddruckers catering.